Jupiter Henry and Lauren Fletcher met as craigslist roommates in May of 2011. They are now engaged to be married, and co-owners of Bites with Spice. When they first met, Jupiter owned Funk N Chunk, a BBQ & DJ catering service, and had been actively catering big events throughout San Francisco for over three years. Lauren had just started to eat red meat again after a long hiatus, and she was instantly intrigued with Jupiter's BBQ mastery. When Jupiter closed down Funk N Chunk a year later, he found himself with more time and motivation to cook at home. As fellow home chefs, Jupiter and Lauren became fast friends and would often make elaborate meals together. Lauren quickly began to hone her culinary skills and they caught a glimpse of what a great team they made, in and out of the kitchen. 

This past holiday season, Jupiter came up with a unique gift idea to share his BBQ know-how with friends and family. He knew that everyone on his gift list would already have pantry basics in their homes, such as salt, pepper, and sugar. He decided to create two “master spice blends” that could each produce a variety of different dishes, along with a recipe booklet. Lauren, a talented and creative crafter, came up with the idea of making small origami boxes to contain the spices and recipes. 

Everyone who received a BBQ Recipe Kit last holiday season fell in love. Beyond the immediate positive feedback, they were continually encouraged by their friends and family to make their kits for the masses.

After extensive specialty food industry research and development, Bites with Spice came to fruition. Jupiter and Lauren plan to expand their line of recipe kits in the future to encourage home cooks to try out more challenging cuisines, such as Peruvian and Moroccan, with the aid of their unique spice blends and recipes.


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